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IP-based video surveillance

Digital cameras in the best HD quality and the newest image analysis software make modern video surveillance a tool that represents real added value compared to previous techniques for your company. In addition to pure object monitoring, nowadays there are numerous solutions for process monitoring in the industry.


Through the digital image signal, additional possibilities open up for the use of the image material. You let the computers take count: such as how many visitors came to the exhibition on Sunday? Or: When is it the busiest in which room? Additionally, differentiated surveillance criteria can be specified: Are doors closed, are there automobiles in the underground garage?


In more than 50 projects (status: 2014), DaPhi has installed several hundred cameras and integrated them into the IT structure of the respective firms. We offer individual solutions that are aligned to the respective field of application. At the same time, our customers profit from our large wealth of experience.

We install your camera and recording system, coordinated to your requirements and according to legal data protection specifications ready to use and advise you on the possibilities of using the image material in your IT network, either on a local or mobile basis. In doing so, we pay attention to high-value, low-energy technology.

We have experience in the most diverse camera environments. No matter whether image recording is required during the night, under changing lighting conditions, with back light, interior, exterior, visibly or discretely. We advise you in the choice of the correct lens and camera type.


  • High detail sharpness through HD quality (but also scalable)
  • Intelligent functions (visitor flows, audience counting, recognition)
  • Mobile access to live image material possible (via secured connection)
  • Straightforward installation
  • Camera system can be integrated into existing IT network
  • We can also integrate existing, analogous cameras into the network
  • Power and cost saving hardware
  • Uncomplicated expandable system

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