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Reduce costs and increase availability

In virtualisation, several real existing physical resources (server or computer) are operated only using a physical, but higher-performance server. At the same time, the separate resources get a new virtual home, but work as if they have their own complete computer available.

Advantages through virtualisation

On the one hand, you save costs because the economised hardware does not need power or space. On the other hand, you have higher availability (i.e., a system can work longer without failures, meaning it is longer available) receiving a more flexible server landscape and IT landscape. Maintenance work or changes in the system are simpler and above, all faster and with feasible with fewer resources.

We analyse your requirements and develop the right design, for example, using a load analysis over several weeks by means of the Capacity Planers from VMWare.

We are an official VMWare partner.


News or articles on the subject

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