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The Starlink (Photo by Dustin Melzer)

Internet via satellite

(Berlin, 07.06.2023) Challenges are the icing on the cake of every committed entrepreneur. Of course, we in Berlin like to remember Otto Lilienthal, for whom the assumption that mankind will never be able to fly inspired him to prove the contrary. DaPhi itself was born over twenty years ago from the task of developing a prepaid system for internet access for the emerging hostel scene from the scratch. In DaPhi's most recent challenge, to provide an attractive internet offer for the guests of the new LyvInn Hotel without a fibre connection, the glance to space of one Elon Musk proved to be a good idea at the right time. With his Starlink offer, we were able to connect a hotel to the internet via satellite for the first time.

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DaPhi managing directors Daniel Strobl and Philipp Krey providing insight

Building trust

(Berlin, 01.06.2021) „I couldn´t be happier” - what a great quote to start a news story with! It derives from Rick Medford, Head of IT at our customer MEININGER, who recently reported at the Lenovo xPert Talk with VMware about the hyperconverged infrastructure environment that DaPhi had set up for MEININGER in close cooperation with Lenovo and VM Ware. In our recent news we already gave an insight to this project, but now we can make it even more detailed with a video produced for the xPert Talk.

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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi take work for MEININGER Hotels

DaPhi brings joy

(Berlin, 15.01.2021) When DaPhi made its way down to the youth hotel in Meininger Straße in 2002 to install a solution for guest internet access, the requirements were rather simple. But soon out of one MEININGER became two, then several all over Germany, and eventually MEININGER began to spread around Europe. Today, the MEININGER Group can be found in 29 citiies, offering almost 17,000 beds, employing 700 people in front of and behind the scenes. Over the years, they have steadily relied on DaPhi's know-how in IT and internet provision. But of course this cannot be taken for granted. You have to prove your skills again and again. And so we are very pleased that our latest offering was able to exite MEININGER once more and that it was worthwhile for our partner Lenovo to make a case study out of it.

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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi take work for the Industriepalast Hostel located in Berlin

"It's all working!"

(Berlin, 11.06.2019) IT has the reputation to be a darn complicated thing. And that is often justified. So sometimes it's nice when you get something simple out of coping with the complex. For example a sentence like: "It's all working!" Ulli Weida, Marketing Manager of the Berlin Hostel Industriepalast (IP), used it when we asked him about the biggest advantage of the freshly and completely renovated Hostel IT.

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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi take work for FNB Gas

Just one contact partner, just one bill: DaPhi

(Berlin, 13.10.2016) Our latest customer, the FNB Gas, is an expert when it comes to coordinate and bundle special knowledge.  Being the association of transmission system operators (i.e. the operators of the major supra-regional and cross-border gas pipelines in Germany), this is exactly what they do. That is why they reacted with special interest as we offered them to put all the IT-competence in one hand. Just on deciding on the internet provider, making the contract and paying for it, choosing hardware, installing the software, getting the best firewall, hosting the website. To make it short: just one who is taking care of everything related to the companies IT. Just one contact partner, just one bill: DaPhi.


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