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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi are certified to DIN ISO 9001:2015 standards

DaPhi stays on the ball

(Berlin, 21.03.2017) In the business world you just cannot rest on your laurels for too long. You have to prove your skills anew and check your standards on a regular basis. You have to stay on the ball. In the year 2010 we had our business certified to DIN ISO 9001 standards, which define the criteria for customer-oriented quality management. Ever since we took the effort to get re-certified each year. But every now and then you should renew the ball you are on, as well as your DIN standards. Time keeps wearing out everything. We are proud to say that we stood up to a quality standard update, and are now certified to the new DIN ISO 9001:2015.


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DaPhi´s little tower at the ITB Berlin 2016

A great view guaranteed at the ITB Berlin

(Berlin, 13.02.2017) An activity that is closely attached to the idea of good vacation is: to enjoy the view. If you are not hiking around the Alps (but certainly there as well) it is up to towers giving an opportunity to do so. It does not necessarily have to be the Eiffel Tower. There are lots of old lighthouses at coasts everywhere, and, not to forget, the Berlin radio tower, or "Funkturm" as we call it, overlooking the Berlin exhibition area. Which brings us right to our topic. Because there is a very special tower this year, standing right inside the world´s biggest travel exhibition, the ITB Berlin. This tower belongs to DaPhi´s exhibition space and not only offers a brilliant indoor view over everything in hall 4.1, but also an interesting overview on what DaPhi has to offer in IT Services regarding the travel trade.


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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi attend STAY WYSE Hostel Conference

STAY WYSE Hostel Conference

(Berlin, 27.01.2017) Next week from 1st until 3rd of February the STAY WYSE Hostel Conference is being held in Amsterdam. First time around this was a total success last year. This time the former stock exchange building Beurs Van Berlage will be packed. DaPhi will be represented by our CEO Philipp Krey.


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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi announce new website for Wi-Fi product DaPhix

First New Year´s resolution accomplished!

(Berlin, 09.01.2017) It is always the same with a New Year´s resolution. At the beginning of the year there seems to be no end to ones vigour to change things. Quit smoking, more sports, healthier food - it all seems one step away. You feel like having a glowing bulb of inspiration floating over your head, just before the everyday routine starts dimming the light. It does not take long before the river of life takes you on its ride and postpones plans of change until next New Year´s Eve. We feel lucky to have chosen our resolution to pimp up the website of our Wi-Fi solution DaPhix already last year. Nothing got in the way. It is finished!


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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi support TuS Sachsenhausen

Well through the winter with DaPhi

(Berlin, 20.12.2016) In summer we anounced our commitment to the successful handball girls of sports club TuS Hellersdorf 88e.V., who are located in our neighbor district. Now we did it again and took another step into sports sponsoring. This time we equiped the second men´s soccer department of TuS Sachsenhausen with some very nice hoodies. Miguel Eikelmann, who is working as an office administrator at DaPhi, is scoring his goals there after work. And that is definitely one of the reasons for our dedication.


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