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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi got honoured as one of the best companies of the year in their home-district Lichtenberg

Company of the year: DaPhi receives special honour

(Berlin, 12.10.2018) Yesterday DaPhi received a special honour as we received a special prize at a local competition in search of the best company of the year in our Berlin home-district Lichtenberg. This year the jury was looking for extraordinary commitment in apprenticeship and promotion in young employees. Familyfriendliness and recreational offers for ones employees were also in the focus. The main prize went to one of our customers, the ABACUS Tierpark Hotel! We would like to congratulate!

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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi take work for Schulz Hotels | Unified Communications with 3cx

News from the cloud

(Berlin, 18.07.2018) "Schulz – the German cosmopolitan embodies our new society." That is how the Schulz story begins, the story of the new Schulz hotel opening August, 18th just next to Berlin´s famous East Side Gallery. A new name, that is going to connect modern entrepreneurship with social responsibility. They set out to take the concept of a hotel a step further. Therefore they called DaPhi on board to take care of the technical side of it. And we are keen on taking a big next step as we open up new possibilities in communication for the Schulz team. This is connected to a state of the art telephone system situated in a cloud: Unified Communications.


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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi celebrate their 18th anniversary

DaPhi comes of age

(Berlin, 21.06.2018) With 37 degrees Celsius on June, 21st 2000 Berlin came to experience the hottest start into a summer ever recorded. Daniel Strobl and Philipp Krey made had just made friends at the Technische Universität Berlin where they both were enrolled in computer sciences. They started their first project together programming a prepaid-system to be used in Germany´s first hostel whilst listening to their favourite Depeche Mode songs. Therefore they founded a company called DaPhi. Many weather extremes and IT-projects later DaPhi celebrates its 18th birthday this month.


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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi at the ITB Berlin 2018

DaPhi makes no sound

(Berlin, 07.02.2018) If you happen to hear nothing at all at the moment, you are just at the right place. This news-article is all about silence. As we are heading for another ITB Berlin, the world´s biggest travel trade show, we want to talk about this aspect of travelling, which is elemental for our mental relaxation. Silence is a wonderfully unspectacular thing. It leaves space for our wandering thoughts, dreams and after all: concentration. So in this respect this year we thought of something special for our visitors: a silent disco at the top of our exhibition stand.


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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi like to wish a happy Christmas season!

DaPhi and Santa Claus

(Berlin, 06.12.2017) Every year anew Santa Claus performs a small logistical miracle as he gives his Christmas presents to every child in all the different countries at the same time. DaPhi suspects that this is all about good team work. Santa Claus as a plural? Why not - it is the same with DaPhi. When we will finally have equipped two new MEININGER Hotels in all IT matter on the 22nd  of December, one just around the corner at Berlin´s East Side Gallery, the other in Milan, Italy, it will be our staff´s achievement. They fill our name with life, here and abroad.


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