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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi celebrate their 20th anniversary

Everything is connected

(Berlin, 09.07.2020) Everything is connected. Once again, this showed in a questionnaire that our managing directors had to fill out. One of the questions: Which organisation published their first newsletter on the 21st of June in 2000 - The International Organisation for ...? The answer was: Standardization. It is better known under the short name ISO, and houses the quality standard ISO9001:2015, according to which DaPhi has been certified for a long time now. However, back in those days this connection did not yet exist. But on that very day the computer science students Philipp Krey and Daniel Strobl founded the company DaPhi for their first common project. Reason enough to fill out this questionnaire twenty years later as a key to their employees' anniversary present.

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An update by Berlin based IT experts DaPhi

Corona Cocoon

(Berlin, 09.06.2020) The restrictions imposed by the corona virus have already lasted for almost three months. A time in which the economy has gone through a kind of cocoon and is now, better adapted to the circumstances, slowly getting back into gear.

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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi know how to make home office work successful

Home office by DaPhi

(Berlin, 19.03.2020) Home sweet home used to be a reliable promise, but in the meantime many office employees begin to taste an unusual spiciness in their private sphere: their office. Home office are the words of the hour, in whose the security precautions in connection with the corona virus sends an entire society to work at home. At DaPhi and at our customers too, most employees now work from desks at their home. They have taken their office laptops and monitors with them and can work just like in their office. Thanks to our telephone system, which has been virtualized in a cloud, you wouldn't even notice any difference from the outside.

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DaPhi´s local recreation area at 2020´s ITB Berlin

Local recreation area

(Berlin, 02.03.2020) Unfortunately, the ITB Berlin has been cancelled this year as a protective measure against a spread of the corona virus. According to current information, the world's largest tourism trade fair will thus be completely cancelled for this year. It's a pity, because otherwise we would have opened a branch at the ITB Berlin, as we have done for the last 16 years. But the following is now obsolete:

Ever since the very first minute of our company history we are busily working for the hospitality sector and therefore we are quite well accustomed in the area of the holiday topic. Through the presentations of former partner countries of the ITB we had the pleasure to see the whole world promenading past us. Currently no country is linked to the ITB, so we will take the chance to follow another trend: the discovery of local recreation areas.

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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi are simply faster

Simply faster

(Berlin, 14.02.2020) The IT industry is popular for its technical terms alone... Ever heard of HCI, a Hyperconverged Infrastructure? If you remember any of your Latin-lessons, you can guess that in this construct something comes a bit closer to the other. And that is exactly it! Things approach each other until in the end they are one. Whereas in the past virtualization, network and storage were managed on separate hardware, today this is done with a single modular hardware. This means that the space needed by these applications can be flexibly allocated and thus becomes faster. With the usage of SSDs instead of conventional hard disks, which DaPhi uses ever since the beginning of the year, you could as well call this hyperfast. So what's new with DaPhi? Simply put, we have modernized our data center and are now simply faster!

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