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The Starlink (Photo by Dustin Melzer)

Internet via satellite

(Berlin, 07.06.2023) Challenges are the icing on the cake of every committed entrepreneur. Of course, we in Berlin like to remember Otto Lilienthal, for whom the assumption that mankind will never be able to fly inspired him to prove the contrary. DaPhi itself was born over twenty years ago from the task of developing a prepaid system for internet access for the emerging hostel scene from the scratch. In DaPhi's most recent challenge, to provide an attractive internet offer for the guests of the new LyvInn Hotel without a fibre connection, the glance to space of one Elon Musk proved to be a good idea at the right time. With his Starlink offer, we were able to connect a hotel to the internet via satellite for the first time.

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The management received some gifts as well

A DaPhi family Christmas

(Berlin, 28.12.2022) Christmas is the festival of the family, as the saying goes. And that's exactly how we at DaPhi see it. Therefore we like to celebrate with our DaPhi family at the end of every year. This year we went to Sonnewalde in Brandenburg, where we spent a hearty evening in a hut with a big indoor campfire.

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Berlin based IT system house DaPhi is a company that trains

The new training year has begun

(Berlin, 20.09.2021) „Football is a simple game - 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.” Some words of wisdom, even like this one from legendary British football star Gary Lineker, don't last forever. The losing team of our internal DaPhi European Championship prediction game, which had seen Germany in front, also had to acknowledge this and host our late summer barbecue on the roof terrace of the DaPhi office in September. For our new apprentices Sascha Schroer and Florian Woschnik, this was a perfect start to the next three years of their apprenticeship, during which they will learn the trade of IT specialists for system integration. A warm welcome!

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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi´s A.T.A. Carnet for temporary admission of goods

A very unique kind of flexibility

(Berlin, 23.08.2021) Thinking about IT, the word flexibility quickly comes to mind. But it doesn't always has to be about flexible IT utilisation. Having the IT system house DaPhi in mind, it can also be about dealing with country-specific peculiarities. As a service provider for the hotel industry, we travel all over Europe to install and set up the IT of new hotels on site, as we did this year for our client MEININGER in Switzerland, Austria and France. A very unique kind of flexibility.

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The new roof terrace power station of Berlin IT system house DaPhi

Roof terrace power station

(Berlin, 06.07.2021) Renewable energies are an interesting topic. Their necessity is a social consensus, but when it comes to construction measures, especially with the mighty wind turbines, things get tricky. It is easier on a small scale, especially when you are lucky enough to have your own roof terrace in front of your office. As we are lucky enough, we were now able to inaugurate our own solar power station in the shape of solar panels.

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