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With DaPhi into the future

With DaPhi into the future

(Berlin, 16.11.2016) If you are talking about IT, our line of business, you are not far away from talking about the future. By inventing the first computer that would actually work in 1941, Berlin based Konrad Zuse invented a line of business, which would always be referred to as having future potential. Being part of the IT Services world we want do our share and qualify young professionals. Our history wants to be written further.

This year three young people start an apprenticeship within our company. Vanessa Lietke will be introduced to the field of office management by our first apprentice ever: Nicole Häntschke. Team Mars welcomes Tobias Seifert, who is going to be an IT specialist for system integration. Andreas Strunk will do the same within our Pluto team. Andreas already completed an education as an economist and exchanges a secure life as a public official for this new challenge. Having this in mind, there has to be something to the future we can offer.

Ever since 2007 DaPhi educated 13 apprentices in the fields of IT system integration and office management. We are proud to say that we were always able to offer them a job.

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