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New shirts with our duck footprint logo

Berlin based IT experts DaPhi support sport´s offspring

(Berlin, 09.08.2017) At DaPhi we had spent quite a while thinking on how we could engage ourselves socially. At the best it would be something not having to do with computers as we sometimes like to glance beside our monitors. In the end the question answered itself as the women´s team of nearby sports club TuS Hellersdorf asked us to help out. That instantly felt right - to support teenagers in their sport. To take care of the external conditions. That sounded like a meaningful challenge to our IT system house. And now we are again able to announce new sports shirts with our logo, the orange duck footprint. This time they are hanging in the lockers of the 2nd men´s soccer team of TuS Sachsenhausen, as well as in the ones belonging to the newly founded so called farmteam of ice hockey team Eisbären Juniors.

This farmteam is set to fill the gap between the german U19 offspring league (DNL) and Germany´s professional leagues DEL II and DEL. The goal is to give Berlin´s and Brandenburg´s young players the chance to develop in a professional environment. The project´s strategy is to start in the lowest league, and then work its way up to the premier league. This already starts in August.

The boys from the TuS Sachsenhausen told us: „ever since DaPhi provided us with jerseys for the winter season, we only lost a single match.” Then again one could see from alongside the field that their achievement as a team was brilliant and made their success happen. The defence was strong and the strikers took their chances much better. But in case it was just all about the new clothes, we bought some stylish new warm-up shirts for the new season. You just cannot be too careful.

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