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New customer: Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Berlin based IT-Experts DaPhi work for the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

(Berlin, 28 August 2014) We try to avoid IT geek speak in our News. Visitors to our website should be able to get a bit of insight into our work and not have to spend the afternoon with a dictionary. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Germany e. V., which was opened in Berlin in January, had something similar in mind. On the one hand, it wants to simplify trade relations with Germany and on the other, to promote understanding between the different cultures. They want to ensure that Germany and China understand each other in the true sense of the word. DaPhi has now ensured that internal communication functions smoothly by setting up a complete Microsoft Office 365 for the new chamber.

"First of all we set up a server-structure for the new office located at Berlins prestigious Friedrichstraße", explains Philipp Krey, DaPhi CEO. "We used already existing IT and installed a rights management, a backup and connected all devices with each other." For an office just staring out, flexibility is an important factor, baring in mind you might need bigger facilties in short time. For this reason it was decided to trust on Microsoft Office 365, where you can freely choose any number of users, have flexible storage space and always work with the latest software version. Plus you have a good overview over your costs as you are paying on a monthly basis. "And prices are currently very attractive", adds Krey with a smile.

In the end the Chamber of Commerce and Industry was able to quickly start working. One of the first projects was to successfully plan and organize a visit to Peking for an industry delegation led by Berlins mayor Klaus Wowereit. The goal was to cultivate the existing town-partnership and to link up german and chinese companies.

Trivia! Did you know that China is Germany´s most important trading partner outside Europe and fifth most important in the world. On the other hand Germany is China´s No.1 trading partner inside Europe.

Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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