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More than just a smile

Budo-Welt Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf e.V.

(Berlin, 18.12.2023) The internet and its lists... In addition to film, music and beauty tips, there is also plenty of advice on how to do good. It ranges from giving joy with a smile to really listening to somebody, volunteering and donating. Oh yes, the old lady who needs help crossing the road still exists, of course. At DaPhi, we are primarily committed to popular sport. And in order to make it visible as normality we decided to talk about our welfare. We have currently set up a page on which our sponsorship activities can be tracked. In the spirit of Christmas and beyond.

Daniel Strobl, one of the two founders of DaPhi GmbH, sees grassroots club sport as the glue that holds society together and therefore worthy of support. "Smaller clubs in particular make a huge contribution with their great commitment to youth- and recreational sport. They provide a wide range of sporting opportunities for all social classes and ability levels. The voluntary club members and managers put a lot of free time into their work, but are increasingly struggling with finances. Everyone can imagine how such a floodlight system corresponds to an energy crisis. However, small clubs are of little interest to the large advertising industry. This is where medium-sized companies like ours come into play. We want to support grassroots sport in the long term with our donation and sponsorship culture."

We are delighted to see that Budo-Welt Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf e.V., got one second and three third places at this year's autumn cup in Straußberg. The club offers judo, tai chi, qi gong, women's and children's sports. We have been supporting them since this year. The Eisbären Juniors Berlin e.V. is also going from strength to strength. The farm team, which we have been supporting since 2017, now plays in the Regionalliga Ost, currently the fourth-highest ice hockey league in Germany. However, as sport is always a rollercoaster of emotions, we are suffering with the second men's team of TuS 1896 Sachsenhausen e.V., whose main sponsor we have been since 2019. They are currently stuck in mid-table in the northern division. But they'll get there - we'll keep our fingers crossed and stay by your side with more than just a smile!

You can find an up-to-date overview of our entire social commitment at any time HERE

TuS 1896 Sachsenhausen e.V.
Second men's team football - TuS 1896 Sachsenhausen e.V.
TUS Hellersdorf 88 e.V.
Second men's team Handball - TUS Hellersdorf 88 e.V.

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