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Home office by DaPhi

Berlin based IT experts DaPhi know how to make home office work successful

(Berlin, 19.03.2020) Home sweet home used to be a reliable promise, but in the meantime many office employees begin to taste an unusual spiciness in their private sphere: their office. Home office are the words of the hour, in whose the security precautions in connection with the corona virus sends an entire society to work at home. At DaPhi and at our customers too, most employees now work from desks at their home. They have taken their office laptops and monitors with them and can work just like in their office. Thanks to our telephone system, which has been virtualized in a cloud, you wouldn't even notice any difference from the outside.

"The most important things that must be available in a home office are data, applications and often telephony", explains DaPhi managing director Philipp Krey the technical challenges: "One solution can be a connection to the company´s cloud, for example via VPN (Virtual Private Network). The computer from which one works will be in the same environment as the computer in the office then". Problems such as loss of speed can be eliminated thanks to DaPhi's many years of know-how using apps such as Citrix Virtual. DaPhi has been implementing such projects satisfactorily for hotels and companies with several locations for years now. Just think of the freely accessible computers for internet surfing we used to have in hotels - they have always been a kind of a small home office.

Do not hesitate to learn more about the possibilities to organize a home office environment with DaPhi. Feel free to contact us.

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