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Everything from one source

Das Berliner IT Systemhaus DaPhi sorgt für WLAN im Abacus Tierpark Hotel

(Berlin, 03.06.2014) When you think of WLAN, you probably don't have hard physical work in mind. But before free data reception came from the air, the god of the Internet set down cable installation. The Internet has to come from somewhere. In the case of our order for the Abacus Tierpark Hotel in Friedrichsfelde, it was 100 meters of optical fibre and one kilometre of copper cable for which we had to break through 50 walls. Because this was a case of completely replacing the WLAN system and the building had never before been cabled throughout, it made sense to offer everything from one source.

"There is no such thing as a project by numbers in DaPhi", talks CEO Philipp Krey about the principles of work. "We take a closer look at the object and at what our client wants to achieve. For this project we decided on optical fibre to connect our servers alongside a very long building. An average cable made of copper would not transport the signals over such a long distance." There is a wellness area, a restaurant, the lobby and conference rooms. Each area has different needs when it comes to internet accessibility. Especially the conference rooms had to have high-performance access points to make sure that a lot of people can be logged in simultaneously.

The 4* Abacus Tierpark Hotel is located in the district Friedrichsfelde opposite the biggest open air wildlife animal park of Europe. Over 11 floors they offer 278 comfortable rooms. And now with WIFI all over!

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