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DaPhi provides tail wind

Berlin based IT experts DaPhi support TuS Hellersdorf 88e.V.

(Berlin, 02.05.2017) A famous quote by Sir Winston Churchill says that "the greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but rising every time we fall." That is most likely the current theme for the second men´s handball team of TuS Hellersdorf 88 e.V. Last season they were relegated and are now trying to move up again to the so called Landesliga. They know how to get promoted, they succeeded twice in a row the years before. In order to strengthen their tail wind, we decided to back up the team as a sponsor for new shirts.

At DaPhi we think sports sponsoring is a good way to take up our social responsibility in our neighbourhood. We already sponsored shirts for a girls team at TuS Hellersdorf last summer. In winter we made some hoodies available for the second men´s team at TuS Sachsenhausen soccer division. Definitely a good investment.

At least Germans may wonder if Sir Winston Churchill is the right person to be presented with such a quote when it comes to sports. In the german language area the former english prime minister is legendary for his answer to what the secret of living up to a ripe old age might be: "No sports". If he actually ever said so, it most probably was with a twinkle in his eye. Churchill always was a sportsman. He liked fencing, hunting, riding, and a good game of polo. But in the end laughing is said to be very healthy anyway.


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