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DaPhi has got a heavenly feeling

Das Berliner IT Systemhaus DaPhi betreut das Grand Hostel Berlin

(Berlin, 14.01.2016) You only have to take a look at the Grand Hostel logo and you are well on your way to discover its secret of success. Looking at a crown, we get the idea that the customer is king inside our new clients accommodation. And that is no assertion as numerous awards prove. On a TV-Show on German Television Channel VOX the Kreuzberg located hostel achieved first place in a competition to earn the label "The heavenly hotel". No easy challenge as they had to serve demanding customers: their very own Berlin based competitors. British newspaper The Guardian followed this judgement by putting them on a list with "10 of the best ways to enjoy Berlin … on a budget". It is not a hard guess that the guys from the Grand Hostel have pretty high standards for their service providers. And so it feels a bit heavenly to be able to work for a heavenly Grand Hostel like this.

When it comes to Daphi, hostels and hotels are easily heading for a royal service as our first customer used to be Germany´s first hostel. Ever since we have been working for single hotels and hostels as well as for chains with multiple branches all over Europe. We know about all the little malicious things that might happen to keycard-systems or booking tools and therefore we have a special treat in our portfolio: a dependable advice based on experience. An extra just like the Grand Hostel is not only offering rooms to let, but also guided tours, a bike-rental and a stylish library room.

Enjoy the royal feeling in Berlins Grand Hostel, located at Tempelhofer Ufer14.

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