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DaPhi commercial : first class hotel ratings with DaPhix

(Berlin, 18.05.2015) In the year 2000 we started out with our first internet project for Germanies first and ever hostel, located in Berlin. It marked the beginning of three entwined success-stories: hostels, WIFI and DaPhix, our self-developed software, which nowadays is a guest communication service which leaves no questions. It was time to give this service a special treat in producing a commercial, which will celebrate its premiere on news channel n-tv today.

Access to the internet, let alone WIFI - what was a very special extra for hotel guests at the turn of the century, now is a modern standard. There is hardly any hotel without an internet connection. But still there are differences. To keep guests satisfied and content one has to match the latest requirements while keeping it easy to use. DaPhix is known for establishing excellent access to the internet by cleverly partitioning the bandwith to guarantee a brilliant time surfing the net. As a result guests might be willing to share their good experience on travelling websites. This makes for first class ratings.

We would like to thank our client MEININGER Hotels, who let us shoot the clip inside their facilities next to Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

Take a look at our film on our newly designed DaPhix website.

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