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DaPhi brings joy

Berlin based IT experts DaPhi take work for MEININGER Hotels

(Berlin, 15.01.2021) When DaPhi made its way down to the youth hotel in Meininger Straße in 2002 to install a solution for guest internet access, the requirements were rather simple. But soon out of one MEININGER became two, then several all over Germany, and eventually MEININGER began to spread around Europe. Today, the MEININGER Group can be found in 29 citiies, offering almost 17,000 beds, employing 700 people in front of and behind the scenes. Over the years, they have steadily relied on DaPhi's know-how in IT and internet provision. But of course this cannot be taken for granted. You have to prove your skills again and again. And so we are very pleased that our latest offering was able to exite MEININGER once more and that it was worthwhile for our partner Lenovo to make a case study out of it.

The task was to adapt the hotel group's IT environment in a future-proof way to the increasing performance demands that result from the constantly multiplying processes alone. Not a challenge for which there is only one way, and so we found ourselves in competition with other providers ideas. We decided on the new private cloud generation from Lenovo, the ThinkAgile VX servers, which work with scalable Intel ® Xeon ® processors, which we matched exactly to MEININGER's needs. In addition, the good cooperation with Lenovo enabled us to demonstrate our variant in a realistic test environment, which minimised the risk for MEININGER to invest in this new system.

“From check-in desk to the contact center, we can now offer every customer a responsive, high-quality service,” comments Rick Medford, Head of IT at MEININGER. “In our industry, reputation and customer reviews can make or break your business.” And the back-office personnel is happy as well: “Our ERP applications are also running twice as fast,” says Medford.

Finally we also have reason to be happy, as we have 30% less maintenance work due to the now more stable system!

You can find the detailed case study under this LINK.

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