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DaPhi, a coach for software

Berlin based IT experts DaPhi take care of andyamos Microsoft Office 365

(Berlin, 03.12.2015) Our new client andyamo is offering coachings and consultations for employees and executives. A team with more than 25 professionals is leading workshops and trainings to support communication- and development processes in companies and organizations. They convey essential competence to give orientation in a complex and fast-changing business world. The goal is to be able to act more clever and profit-driven. These days andyamo decided to use Microsoft Office 365 as a tool for their internal communications. A product with a huge potential in what it can actually deliver. And that can be similar to a human employee. Sometimes you have to discover, activate or optimize someones potential. And therefore Osnabrück based andyamo decided to give DaPhi the job as being the coach for their main software and the demanding tasks that go with it.

As a modern and family-friendly enterprise andyamo supports its employees in working under one´s own authority. They give them great freedom in designing and organizing their coachings. There is a lot of work being done in home offices and on the road, for most workshops take place inside the clients facilities. This freedom demands a high standard in coordination. All staff members have to be able to access central calendars or the mail server. As meetings take place via a video conference they have to be in good quality for every participant. And then there is a blog, which is part public, part internal, with several access rights and rules for visibility. DaPhi looks back on many years of experience with this and similar software and knows how to get the best out of it. We are talking about a coach for software, after all.

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