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Crayons in the office

Berlin based IT experts DaPhi even have crayons in stock

(Berlin, 02.10.2020) DaPhi is known as a reliable IT system house, since its foundation 20 years ago as a service provider for professional WIFI, for our expertise in infrastructure planning, network architecture, virtualization and child care... yes, you read correctly: child care. In 2018 we already received an award for our commitment to education and the promotion of young talent, family friendliness and employee welfare (see article), but we never thought that we would have a DaPhi kindergarten like the one Corona and the overstrained school and day care situation in Berlin would present us.

We enjoy the fact that our employees can easily combine family and career and we do not mind if children are brought into the office from time to time. There is always room and there is always someone to take time for the little ones. But at the moment we would like schools and kindergardens to be more reliable partners. Closing days, too few staff, sick teachers or educators who belong to the corona risk groups and cannot be replaced are increasingly placing youngsters who are eager to learn on our office chairs.

We then try to fulfil the educational mission according to our core competences, for example, we introduce the kids to maths learning programmes, explain how to use the incoming goods scanner or reveal the secret of the copying machine that miraculously reproduces drawings. But at the end of the day we also have a customer order.

Those of our readers who have relations with the Senate Administration are welcome to pass on our example. But now we first have to collect the crayons. They just fell down...

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