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Corona Cocoon

An update by Berlin based IT experts DaPhi

(Berlin, 09.06.2020) The restrictions imposed by the corona virus have already lasted for almost three months. A time in which the economy has gone through a kind of cocoon and is now, better adapted to the circumstances, slowly getting back into gear.

For DaPhi a new normality has been established as well. We work in shifts and, of course, with distance. The last big wave of influenza had already prepared us well, so that disinfectant dispensers have been part of our office equipment for two years. The lockdown hit many of our customers from the hotel industry hard. We decided to pro-actively suspend our WiFi contracts for the period of the hotel closures and to extend the contract periods accordingly, in order to help our customers to remain liquid.

Having done this, we didn´t feel much like suspension of work. The ad hoc expansion of the home office pointed to the future. The subject, which we had known from our work for hotels for a long time, would now leave its cocoon: Communication that was no longer tied to one place. A concept that needs to be well calibrated, especially for corporate teams. In the course of this, we have introduced a comfortable solution with Microsoft Teams for our customers MEININGER, Clink or Industriepalast, among others.

However you go through the transformation, stay healthy!

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