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Cisco Meraki partner for two years

Berlin based IT experts DaPhi is a Cisco Meraki partner since 2015

(Berlin, 16.06.2017) In Germany the usual warranty period lasts 24 months. This period of time should be sufficient to check on the perfect function of a product. Now that DaPhi is a Cisco Meraki partner for two years, we would like to express our content about this excellent decision: our partnership works perfect! Over the last 24 months we installed 1200 Cisco Meraki products. This means: a thousand access points, but as well routers and switches that can all be operated and supervised remotely in a cloud environment. Last summer, for example, we established one unique, fast and modern WIFI-system in all MEININGER Hotels under the premises of our DaPhix Professional Offer. This solution can be used by guests and staff and at the same time is able to separate those two user-groups.

For seventeen years now we are gathering experience in the field of public WIFI systems, especially in the hospitality industry. At the moment we are responsible for WIFI access for nearly 25000 beds (to put it another way: the people who booked them). So therefore this is a proper appreciation when we find ourselves so happy with a product line as it is the case with Cisco Meraki. We offer these solutions to purchase and with a full service option to rent. Just ask us about the possibilities.

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