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Building trust

DaPhi managing directors Daniel Strobl and Philipp Krey providing insight

(Berlin, 01.06.2021) „I couldn´t be happier” - what a great quote to start a news story with! It derives from Rick Medford, Head of IT at our customer MEININGER, who recently reported at the Lenovo xPert Talk with VMware about the hyperconverged infrastructure environment that DaPhi had set up for MEININGER in close cooperation with Lenovo and VM Ware. In our recent news we already gave an insight to this project, but now we can make it even more detailed with a video produced for the xPert Talk.

Medford described the recently achieved performance of the MEININGER booking system as "absolutely magnificent. We went from having weekly complaints to having weekly praise." In the video interview, DaPhi managing directors Daniel Strobl and Philipp Krey explain exactly how the tricky challenges of the project turned out, how a stopwatch, know-how, fine-tuning and a hitherto unusually close cooperation between all service providers were used to achieve an absolutely satisfactory result.

Florian Pawletta, Business Development Manager at VMware, confirms exactly that in the xPert Talk. They want to "offer help", i.e. actually to do more than just what is necessary in order to not only provide the standard offer, but, as in our case, to present real added value: a live test environment could be provided in advance as an advertisement for the purchase. "It was not a test run with fictional data, but a real live demonstration with real data, as the old system could communicate with the new one," Daniel Strobl reports in the interview: "That builds up trust.”

The Interview with Rick Medford and DaPhi, as well as the complete Lenovo xPert Talk with VMware can be seen on this website:

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