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A very unique kind of flexibility

Berlin based IT experts DaPhi´s A.T.A. Carnet for temporary admission of goods

(Berlin, 23.08.2021) Thinking about IT, the word flexibility quickly comes to mind. But it doesn't always has to be about flexible IT utilisation. Having the IT system house DaPhi in mind, it can also be about dealing with country-specific peculiarities. As a service provider for the hotel industry, we travel all over Europe to install and set up the IT of new hotels on site, as we did this year for our client MEININGER in Switzerland, Austria and France. A very unique kind of flexibility.

Let´s take Swiss thoroughness as an example. Anyone who thinks this is a cliché of the past has not yet filled out a custom document for a toolbox in which the smallest screwdriver really must be listed. The toolbox therefore has to be sent through customs in advance by freight forwarder. Here you learn to plan most thoroughly! The Swiss are also exemplary in organising a construction site, as we experienced in Geneva and Zurich. Those who prefer to have southern clichés of a work mentality confirmed can do so in Bordeaux or Marseille. There you can learn your lessons in spontaneity and pragmatism, but then again not in English. Well, maybe you´ve heard about the cliché....

MEININGER has only just inaugurated new hotels in Geneva, Zurich and Bordeaux. Innsbruck and Marseille will open their doors later this year.

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