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A secure feeling

(Berlin, 16.03.2015) If you carelessly bite into an apple, it just might be that Berlin based Bilacon GmbH gives you that secure feeling that you can just do it. Their laboratory examines over a 100.000 samples for their multiple clients to assure a certain quality. And if in your company data is being exchanged with a good feeling it might be that DaPhi is taking care of your internal network. Just a different kind of a secure feeling. Like the one we are supplying to Bilacon GmbH.

Spread across three different locations Bilacon has about 150 employees, who have to communicate in a save way. In this case we went for a redundant Cisco-Router, connecting several virtual private networks, using a secure gateway provided by Securepoint, a company which looks back on ten years of experience in this area. We keep an eye on using tried and tested components. For the other end of the line, which is connected to the employees, we chose endpoint protection by trendmicro, a company offering highest possible security for whatever device is used to connect with the network. They look back on a prolific 25 years in the security business.

Does that sound too easy? Well, this news only tries to make complicated things accessible. In the end it needs experience and a specific overview on the side of the company bringing all those components together. So if you are interested in a secure network, feel free to ask a DaPhi expert. He will be delighted to help you out.

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