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CLOUD | Integration and accessibility

Clouds offer the option of making data or even entire networks centrally available. But how do you access the contents securely and quickly? DaPhi offers possibilities for each usage profile of connecting to the own cloud or completely integrating into the company network.


Citrix Netscaler (Access Gateway)

Access takes place encrypted via a web interface. The client component Citrix Receiver is integrated for all important operating systems.

Because every user can move autonomously from any point in the cloud with Internet access, this variant is especially advantageous for field staff and all users who need to be mobile. Integration via the Citrix Netscaler does not provide for a permanent connection of the networks in the cloud and the network in the customer's office. Integrations of server systems, applications or other network services with the network in the cloud must be realised via another connection, for example site-to-site VPN or dedicated lines. Frequently the integration via the Citrix Netscaler is used jointly with another option in order to combine the flexibility of the Netscaler with the integrity of a site-to-site VPN.


User VPN

An encrypted VPN connection (Virtual Private Network) at the user level offers similar advantages such as a connection via the Citrix Netscaler.

This option does not require the use of Citrix and can thus be used in a purely Microsoft RDS environment. DaPhi relies on Cisco technologies for this. The Cisco VPN Client is also available for all important operating systems.


Site-To-Site VPN

Via this type of connection, entire networks can be connected with the cloud encrypted. For example, the integration of the entire location into the cloud network is possible. A site-to-site VPN is usually realised at the router level so that this form of the connection does not require any prerequisites on the user level as long as the user is located in the network of the connected location.

Depending on the number of users and the type of utilisation of the data connection, a broadband Internet connection should be available at the location since any cloud data exchange between all users of the site takes place via this connection.


EPN, MPLS, dedicated line

Dedicated lines offer a direct connection of a location with the cloud network at established bandwidths and availability. Via dedicated lines, locations can be connected with the cloud at gigabit speeds. These can be integrated in backup and emergency scenarios.

Connections via SDSL MPLS, EPN or optical fibre are, as a rule, significantly more expensive than other connections variants and are thus perfect for powerful integrations or very large locations.