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DaPhi | Guiding principle

The satisfied customer is always the focus of our work.


We are a competent partner for medium-sized IT projects and IT system support. With now already over twenty years of experience, we rely on creative solutions in the interest of our customers which help to arrange work flows more effectively and above all, save costs in the long run.


We rely on a professional mode of operation which is distinguished by know-how, reliability, support and customer-orientation. We place value on transparency; do not write any one liners in our invoices. You should be able to understand what we do: A satisfied customer is our primary goal and our best advertising. That is what made us into a company that has been able to grow based, to a large extent, on the recommendations of our own customers and continues to grow.

Our colleagues work autonomously and targeted, think proactively in the interest of our customers and act in a consistently committed manner within a dedicated, open team. We align the qualification of our employees to the increasing demands of our customers.


We meet the challenges of our customers, develop professional solutions and implement modern technologies. In doing so, the long-term benefit is more important than short-term successes. Our customers are grateful for this far-sighted working method with long-term collaboration.

As a company accredited for apprenticeship training, we take our responsibility to the community seriously. We secure the professional expertise of our trainees through training, practical customer care and experience exchange. In this way, we ensure in-house expertise long-term and create opportunities in our company.

Through our involvement in industry associations, we use and form synergies. 


Our emphasis lies on IT solutions for medium-sized businesses. The continuous advanced education of our employees and sustainable process optimisation will continuously expand our expertise in services and production-oriented industries.

We will be continuing to count on consistent healthy growth in the next years.

The satisfied customer is always the focus of our work.