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Office 365

With Office 365, customers get the well-known Office productivity solutions in combination with cloud-based services and have access to their documents, settings and applications virtually everywhere and at any time.

If you have an Internet connection, you can install Office 365 on any PC with Windows 7 or 8 from the Cloud via click-to-run-installation or via the Office demand function "streaming". This is especially useful if users frequently work at other PCs. After the closing the application, it is removed automatically from the respective PC.

Avoid costly server upgrades and simplify IT administration with the Microsoft-hosted, cloud-based productivity service Microsoft Office 365. This offers you universal access to your familiar Office applications as well as e-mails, calendar, video conferences and current documents on all your devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Exchange Online

Do you already use purchased Office products and would still like to benefit from the advantages of a new exchange server without high initial investments into the installation and the product costs? Then Exchange Online a good alternative to the conversion or provision of an in-house exchange server.

Profit from servers that are hosted by Microsoft and still retain control of your environment. Administer your organisation efficiently using the Exchange management console, an easy-to-use, web-based user interface. You can generate lists of approved mobile devices, force PIN blocks and delete confidential corporate data from lost mobile phones with guidelines for mobile devices. Seamless Outlook integration enables your users comfortable and trusted e-mail-utilisation with offline access.

Exchange Online One Pager

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Service Provider Hosting

The DaPhi GmbH is a Microsoft service provider and can thus offer you the option of operating your infrastructure in a private cloud in our readily accessible computing centre. You thus have the possibility of renting Microsoft products monthly and only paying for active users. The number of the users can be changed monthly. This option offers you the security of storing your data in a German computing centre with the flexibility of the monthly usage-dependent rent.

"Hosting solutions for private cloud reduce investments: The diverse advantages of modern cloud architectures and-technologies have generally been acknowledged in the meantime. But not all businesses can or want to invest in know-how and infrastructure to this end. Microsoft Service Providers fills this gap: standardised or customised solutions offer you the option of using the advantages of the new technologies without any know-how.1

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