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ITB Pickings

(Berlin, 16.03.10) From the 10th to the 14th of March we presented, now for the sixth time in a row, the official ITB Berlin Internetcafé. The response was overwhelming. Our nine WebTerminals were practically in non-stop use right through the official opening hours. They had to stand a tough duration test! From time to time we even had short queues. As a total our guests spend a 170.960 minutes in the internet. That equals 2.849 hours or 119 days. Only 27 of 844 delivered surf-accounts were not used up to the last second. A remarkable success.
Especially our DaPhix-SelfService vending machine enjoyed great popularity. At this machine you can get yourself a password without needing anybody to advise you. Naturally that was at special interest to all the hotel managers nearby. Most of our guests were qualified visitors anyway and had high expectations in the functionality of our internet service. If somebody had any trouble getting logged in with their own notebook or mobile device they could get some live help and watch how we fix problems. There is always a hitch, but the important thing is to know how to fix it in no time. With our ten years of experience working for over 50 accomodations all over Europe, we are experts and we are very happy that we were able to gather some new followers.
Just have a look at the ITB Berlin statistics. The figures alone are very impressive. 180.000 visitors came to see what 11.127 enterprises from 187 countries had to offer. 111.000 of them were qualified visitors*. At our booth in a hall dedicated to Trends&Events, trying to give a picture of tourism´s future, we welcomed a whole lot of qualified visitors. Especially our free WIFI was a clear competitive advantage for the enterprises nearby, for they could easily promote themselves with their own web-presence. As a little thank-you our festivity towards the end of the three days reserved for qualified visitors, we received lots of international treats of fine food and beverage. That was a pleasure!
*The figures are taken from the official ITB Berlin press release.