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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi take work for Dr. Schibenes & Kollegen dentist´s office

Making contact with a difference

(Berlin, 02.10.2014) We did not get to know our newest customers over the usual communication channels. The first contact resulted from a throbbing humming beneath our office. When we investigated the sounds, they turned out to be someone drilling. A dental office had recently moved in below us. But it was not what you think. Only the floor was being opened in order to install lines for water and compressed air for the ultra-modern dentist's chairs. Since the office of Dr. Jan B. Schibenes & Kollegen opened, we have not heard anything else, because they treat their  patients with the latest treatment methods. And from now on, we take care of their IT.

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New customer: Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

(Berlin, 28.08.2014) We try to avoid IT geek speak in our News. Visitors to our website should be able to get a bit of insight into our work and not have to spend the afternoon with a dictionary. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Germany e. V., which was opened in Berlin in January, had something similar in mind. On the one hand, it wants to simplify trade relations with Germany and on the other, to promote understanding between the different cultures. They want to ensure that Germany and China understand each other in the true sense of the word. DaPhi has now ensured that internal communication functions smoothly by setting up a complete Microsoft Office 365 for the new chamber.

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Das Berliner IT Systemhaus DaPhi sorgt für WLAN im Abacus Tierpark Hotel

Everything from one source

(Berlin, 03.06.2014) When you think of WLAN, you probably don't have hard physical work in mind. But before free data reception came from the air, the god of the Internet set down cable installation. The Internet has to come from somewhere. In the case of our order for the Abacus Tierpark Hotel in Friedrichsfelde, it was 100 meters of optical fibre and one kilometre of copper cable for which we had to break through 50 walls. Because this was a case of completely replacing the WLAN system and the building had never before been cabled throughout, it made sense to offer everything from one source.

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