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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi meet the requirements of the DIN ISO 9001:2008 quality standard

Quality-Checkup passed again

(Berlin, 15.03.2016) We at DaPhi take care of IT-Systems running properly. We check if updates are required and keep an eye on if the systems are still living up to their requirements. It is just like a dentist taking a look at your teeth on a regular basis. Or like your car being MOT´d every year by a garage. Likewise we have our quality standards being checked regularly. We just passed the test again and are able to say: everything is alright! We are very happy having once more successfully met the Re-Certification requirements of the DIN ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.


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Meet Berlin based IT experts DaPhi at the ITB Berlin 2016

Enjoy the view at the ITB Berlin

(Berlin, 09.02.2016) An activity that is closely attached to the idea of good vacation is: to enjoy the view. If you are not hiking around the Alps (but certainly there as well) it is up to towers giving an opportunity to do so. It does not necessarily have to be the Eiffel Tower. There are lots of old lighthouses at coasts everywhere, and, not to forget, the Berlin radio tower, or "Funkturm" as we call it, overlooking the Berlin exhibition area. Which brings us right to our topic. Because there is a very special tower this year, standing right inside the world´s biggest travel exhibition, the ITB Berlin. This tower belongs to DaPhi´s exhibition space and not only offers a brilliant indoor view over everything in hall 4.1, but also an interesting overview on what DaPhi has to offer in IT Services regarding the travel trade.


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Grand Hostel Berlin gives Berlin based IT experts DaPhi a heavenly feeling

DaPhi has got a heavenly feeling

(Berlin, 14.01.2016) You only have to take a look at the Grand Hostel logo and you are well on your way to discover its secret of success. Looking at a crown, we get the idea that the customer is king inside our new clients accommodation. And that is no assertion as numerous awards prove. On a TV-Show on German Television Channel VOX the Kreuzberg located hostel achieved first place in a competition to earn the label "The heavenly hotel". No easy challenge as they had to serve demanding customers: their very own Berlin based competitors. British newspaper The Guardian followed this judgement by putting them on a list with "10 of the best ways to enjoy Berlin … on a budget". It is not a hard guess that the guys from the Grand Hostel have pretty high standards for their service providers. And so it feels a bit heavenly to be able to work for a heavenly Grand Hostel like this.

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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

DaPhi can´t crochet

(Berlin, 17.12.2015) When it comes to presents, at christmas time the same old question appears: to buy something or to make something with your own hands (or to buy something that looks handmade). To think of and craft a present would be the ideal solution, because it embodies care and special effort. But sometimes it might be better to give it out of hand. If we had tried to create a woolen Anti-Stress-Ball with embedded DaPhi logo ourselves, the result would have been rather questionable. To crochet just is not our core capability. So we are even happier that somebody else is capable to produce such a fine gem.

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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi take care of andyamos Microsoft Office 365

DaPhi, a coach for software

(Berlin, 03.12.2015) Our new client andyamo is offering coachings and consultations for employees and executives. A team with more than 25 professionals is leading workshops and trainings to support communication- and development processes in companies and organizations. They convey essential competence to give orientation in a complex and fast-changing business world. The goal is to be able to act more clever and profit-driven. These days andyamo decided to use Microsoft Office 365 as a tool for their internal communications. A product with a huge potential in what it can actually deliver. And that can be similar to a human employee. Sometimes you have to discover, activate or optimize someones potential. And therefore Osnabrück based andyamo decided to give DaPhi the job as being the coach for their main software and the demanding tasks that go with it.

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