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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi integrated Cisco Meraki in all MEININGER Hotels

A powerful leading role

(Berlin, 30.07.2016) MEININGER Hotels were always interested in an individual character for each dependance, integrating all sorts of typical flavour the culture or architecture at each location was offering. Being MEININGER´s IT-partner for many years we had the privilege to watch its rise from a heart-lived project started by only a few friends to a successful group of hotels all over Europe. Some of the places were bulit from scratch, others were established in places with a history to them. Certainly often with a technical history, leaving every MEININGER Hotel with its own special WIFI character. But as you go along your cast gets too diverse and you suddenly long for a powerful leading role. So let us introduce Cisco Meraki which we installed under the premises of our DaPhix Professional Offer. One unique, fast and modern WIFI-system, which can be used by guests and staff and at the same time is able to separate those two user-groups.


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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi support TuS Hellersdorf 88e.V.

DaPhi in motion

(Berlin, 18.07.2016) A favourite advice for people working in front of computers, and that is where you will find us, is exercise, fruits and fresh air. Whoever spent some time at our wonderful roof-terrace, will not worry about oxygen. Furthermore we offer fruits and snacks for everybody in the office. But what about exercise? We decided on handball. It is only that we do not tunnel the keeper elegantly in full flight ourselves. But we engage ourselves in promoting the very successful female offspring of TuS Hellersdorf 88e.V. They score the goals, we finance their shirts.


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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi work for MEININGER Hotels

24 / 7

(Berlin, 07.06.2016) The hotel business is more or less the classic example where you have to be there for your clients all around the clock: 24 hours, each 7 days of the week. These 24 hours get another dimension attached when a hotel aims at the so-called urban traveller. And that is the case with our client for long years: MEININGER Hotels. Remember Frank Sinatra´s famous line about a "city that never sleeps"? That does not only apply to New York, but to many MEININGER cities: Amsterdam, Berlin or London are among all those towns where life and service just never stops and where nobody is keen on any breakdown. So when DaPhi took care of moving the whole MEINIGER IT-Infrastructure into a new data centre, we felt proud to realize this without stopping any procedure for not even a second.


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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi are sponsoring the International Hotel Technology Forum

DaPhi attends the IHTF

(Berlin, 01.04.2016) We are supporting this years International Hotel Technology Forum (IHTF), which takes place in Dusseldorf, 20th to 22nd April, as sponsors. The forum is designed as a meeting point for the hotel industry and companies specified in hotel-technology. A possibility to talk about new trends and developments.


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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi meet the requirements of the DIN ISO 9001:2008 quality standard

Quality-Checkup passed again

(Berlin, 15.03.2016) We at DaPhi take care of IT-Systems running properly. We check if updates are required and keep an eye on if the systems are still living up to their requirements. It is just like a dentist taking a look at your teeth on a regular basis. Or like your car being MOT´d every year by a garage. Likewise we have our quality standards being checked regularly. We just passed the test again and are able to say: everything is alright! We are very happy having once more successfully met the Re-Certification requirements of the DIN ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.


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