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First New Year´s resolution accomplished!

Berlin based IT experts DaPhi announce new website for Wi-Fi product DaPhix

(Berlin, 09.01.2017) It is always the same with a New Year´s resolution. At the beginning of the year there seems to be no end to ones vigour to change things. Quit smoking, more sports, healthier food - it all seems one step away. You feel like having a glowing bulb of inspiration floating over your head, just before the everyday routine starts dimming the light. It does not take long before the river of life takes you on its ride and postpones plans of change until next New Year´s Eve. We feel lucky to have chosen our resolution to pimp up the website of our Wi-Fi solution DaPhix already last year. Nothing got in the way. It is finished!

We decided on a modern OnePager, which offers a quick and profound insight in what DaPhix is all about. There is information on how we work, all the services included and our monitoring tools. And because the best monitoring systems on ourselves are our clients, we asked some to give others an outlook of what to expect:. Marko Repo, manager at Helsinkis largest hostel, the Eurohostel, answered that »you cannot get any closer to a 100% satisfaction than with the highly reliable DaPhix Wi-Fi solution. Customers, staff and management are very happy with it.« What a start into the new year! That is when you know the effort is worth it.

Have a look at our new DaPhix website.

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