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DaPhi in motion

Berlin based IT experts DaPhi support TuS Hellersdorf 88e.V.

(Berlin, 18.07.2016) A favourite advice for people working in front of computers, and that is where you will find us, is exercise, fruits and fresh air. Whoever spent some time at our wonderful roof-terrace, will not worry about oxygen. Furthermore we offer fruits and snacks for everybody in the office. But what about exercise? We decided on handball. It is only that we do not tunnel the keeper elegantly in full flight ourselves. But we engage ourselves in promoting the very successful female offspring of TuS Hellersdorf 88e.V. They score the goals, we finance their shirts.

The girls from Hellersdorf, which is our neighbor-district, played a remarkable season, winning 14 out of 14 games. They follow in the footsteps of their very successful handball section, which was founded twenty years ago. One of the highlights was when the premier youth team won Berlin´s championship in season 2005/2006. Some of the players even made it into the national youth team.

To make sure those hopeful youngsters can furthermore concentrate on their sport, we decided to do our share. And as we look forward to show up at future games, we will maybe not end up in exercise, but we will definitely stay in motion.

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